11 Super Healthy Carb Swaps

Want to reduce the number of calories you’re getting from carbs as part of a healthy eating plan?

Here’s 11 tasty and super healthy carb swaps you can start with today!

1. Brown rice for white rice

Benefits of brown rice:  packed with calcium, fiber, protein, magnesium, potassium, and thiamine.

Or as a vegetable alternative make grated cauliflower rice.

2. Whole wheat pasta for white pasta

Benefits of whole meal pasta: it has a higher fiber content and depending on brand, usual has 50 fewer calories than white pasta (per serving)

Or as an alternative you could swap regular pasta for homemade zucchini pasta.

3. Quinoa for couscous.

Benefits of Quinoa: full of protein and nutrients and the added bonus of being a super food.

4. Turnip mash for mashed potatoes.

Benefits: lower in calories as there is no need to add all the additional butter and milk to it.


5. Opt for corn tortillas instead of wheat flour ones.

Benefits: less calories and fat.

6. Use lettuce leaves instead of wraps or bread.
Benefits: saving on calories and the carbs and still able to fill with your favourite sandwich filling.


7. Pitta bread instead of bread


Benefits: depending on brand, pitta breads tend to be lower in calories and contain less grams of fat.

8. Using crushed flax, fibre cereal or rolled oats for breadcrumbs.
Benefits: adds that extra wholegrain into your diet.

9. Fancy a change… Swap sweet potatoes for potatoes.

Benefits: sweet potatoes are packed full of vitamin A and C and contain fewer calories, fewer carbs and fiber.

10.  Opt for unsweetened wholegrain cereals instead of sugary ones.

Benefits: lower in calories, high in fiber and protein and packed with vitamins and minerals needed to see you through the day.

11. Try plain popcorn instead a bag of crisps.

Benefits: full of fiber and antioxidants