5 Minute Butt Workout

If we’re being honest, we’d all probably say that one part of our body that makes us really self conscious is our butt.  We’d all like to have a peachy, pert little butt that stays firm, and looks good whatever we wear.

Here’s a 5 minute butt workout that really concentrates your efforts on exercises that will make a big difference.  If you have time, why not combine this with our 5 minute ab workout?

 5 Minute Butt Workout


SquatsPlace your feet roughly shoulder width apart, and hold your back straight.  Bend at the knees until your thighs are more or less horizontal, then rise back up to straight legs, and finally onto tip toes to also work your calf muscles.

Continue at a steady pace for one minute.



Sprints / dynamic knee raises

Sprints / dynamic knee raisesRun on the spot for a full minute.  Try and get your knees up as high as possible and keep your back completely straight.  This will get your heart racing and help to burn fat.






LungesLunges can be quite tough to get right, and they work all of the muscle groups in your legs.  Start by standing still with your legs together, then stride forward with one leg, and sink down until your back leg and front leg are both bent to roughly 90 degrees.  Hold the position briefly before stepping back into an upright position.

Repeat with alternate legs for one full minute.

Tuck Jumps

tuck jumpsThese explosive exercises put a lot of energy through your thigh muscles and take a lot of effort and co-ordination.  Don’t worry if you can’t do many in a full minute – you should aim for about 10 really well executed jumps.

Start in a crouch, and power upwards, straightening your legs fully and jumping as high as you can.  While in the air, pull your knees into your chest and then extend them before landing and getting back into the tuck position.

Side Plank

side plankThe beauty of the side plank is that you can use it to focus on different areas by concentrating your focus on them.  Rest on your forearm and hold your body straight by tensing your abs and buttocks, then hold the pose for about 30 seconds.  Then flip onto your other side and repeat, again for 30 seconds.