5 tips to lose 5lbs in 5 weeks

We blogged a couple of days ago about how many calories you need to use to burn 1 lb of fat, and that got us thinking about small changes we could make in our existing lifestyles to  lose 5lb in 5 weeks.

Each lb of fat is 3500 calories worth, which means that losing 5lbs means saving a total of 17,500 calories.  Given that the recommended daily intake for men is 2,500 calories, and for women 2,000 calories, the challenge of losing 5lbs in 3 weeks means using up an extra 500 calories more than you consume.  Here’s our 5 tips:

Walk More

The NHS have a 10,000 step challenge to get people to walk more.  The idea is that by targeting 10,000 steps of extra walking each day, people will burn around 300 additional calories.  You’d need to walk about 5 miles to hit the 10,000 steps target, but it’s really easy to add a couple of miles.  Wear a pedometer for a couple of days, and see how many steps you already manage.  You can burn an additional 100 calories per day simply by adding 3,000 steps – about 1.5 miles to your routine.

Cut Out the Coffee

Are you a fan of Starbucks?  Did you know that a Starbucks Latte contains 200 calories?  Opting for a regular filter coffee with skimmed milk in Starbucks rather than a Latte or other made coffee will save you around 190 calories.  For an average person who drinks a couple of coffees per week, that’s about 50 cal per day.

Swap your Chocolate

Chocolate’ great.  It’s also packed with fat and calories, and let’s be honest, you’re never going to lose weight if you’re consuming 300 calories of sugar and fat in the space of 5 minutes.

You don’t “need” chocolate bars, so drop them from your diet.  It’s easy to find a low calorie alternative, and save yourself 200 calories per day.


Every weight loss article you will ever read tells you that laughing will help you lose weight. It’s true: laughing burns calories.  Swap out the weepie movies (and the boxes of chocolates and tissues) for a comedy DVD.  Over the course of an hour, you’ll laugh for about 10 minutes, and burn around 50 calories, as well as feeling great.

Work Out

Keep fit, lose weightHaving a 10 minute Vytalz workout each day is a great supplement to your regular routine, and is high impact enough to make a difference to your fitness.  For an average person, the 10 minute blast of exercise will burn about 100 calories.  Just the right number to bring up our magic 500 calories per day.

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