Calculating Your BMI

Your BMI, or Body Mass Index shows the relationship between your weight and height, and is a tool that medical professionals use in measuring your health.  For any given height, there is a range of ideal weights that correlates with better health.  People who’s weight fall outside the healthy level are typically at a higher risk of developing conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

Body Mass Index Chart

Chart for calculating your BMI

It is important to note, that your body mass index is essentially a measure of body density, and you are compared to a wider sample of people.  You can be perfectly healthy and have a BMI that falls out of the “normal range”.  People who train hard and have a greater muscle mass sometimes find that a BMI calculator will indicate that they are overweight, when in fact they are healthier than the average man in the street.

Because of this, when calculating your BMI, you should bear in mind that it is a guide to health compared to the wider population, and while an objective for your fitness programme might be to get a healthier score, you should also focus on other fitness measures such as VO2Max, or body fat percentage.

Use our BMI Calculator to find out what your score is.