The Letchworth Centre for Health

Personal well being is about far more that the amount of weight you can lift, or how fast you can run a mile, it’s about the sense of balance that you can achieve, and how comfortable you are within yourself.

Health, both mental and physical is easy to take for granted, because we don’t often spend enough time appreciating it.  Even a brief cold or dose of the flu can knock our confidence and bring us down.  Long term, chronic illness is painful both physically and mentally, and severely impacts quality of living.

The Letchworth Centre for Health

Long term medical care for chronic conditions can be extremely costly, especially for people unable to work, and access to sympathetic and supportive caring professionals makes a huge difference to quality of life.

Organisations like the Letchworth Centre for Health take a drug free, natural approach to well being, promoting holistic health care and encouraging exercise and relaxation as a means to improve general health.

The Letchworth Centre for Health operates as a charitable body, so rather than taking funding from the tax payer, it is supported by gifts – often from grateful people who have benefited from visiting, or from the families of those have been cared for.

There’s a real and ongoing need for organisations like the Letchworth Centre to provide support to people who can’t get it from traditional healthcare providers.  During the current austerity era, with cuts in a lot of the funding they can get, it’s more important than ever that members of the public support places like this to ensure that they can continue to provide care, advice and support in the long term.