How Many Calories Do I Need To Eat Each Day?

Getting the right calorie intake each day is essential if you want to meet your goals – whether you want to stay at a healthy weight, increase your muscle mass, or lose weight.

Calorie Intake to Gain Muscle

If you want to grow, you need to eat more than you normally would.  This is a combination of taking in more protein, and also increasing your calorie intake.  To gain muscle, as a rule of thumb, you should take your goal weight in lbs, and eat that many grammes of protein each day.  So, if you weigh 150lb, you should aim to eat 150g of protein.

To support this, you need to up your calorie intake to gain muscle too.  Again, take your current  weight in lbs, and multiply it by 17.  This will tell you how many calories you need to eat.  If you currently weigh 150lb, you will need to eat ~2,550 calories per day.  This level of intake should increase your overall weight by ~4lbs per month.  That will include some fat, but that’s dependent on the actual make up of what you eat.

Calorie Intake to maintain weight

If you’re already at your target weight, and you want to stay there, you need to eat the right amount for your size.  Your calorie intake to maintain your weight can be calculated quite easily as follows:  Take your current weight in lbs, and multiply it by 14 – so if you currently weigh 150lbs, you would need to eat 2,100 calories per day.

Calorie Intake to Lose fat

If your goal is to lose fat, then you need to reduce your calorie intake below what you actually need so that your body will burn some of its stores.  Your calorie intake to lose fat can be calculated by taking your current weight in lbs, and multiplying it by 11 – so if you weigh 150lbs, you need to cut back to 1650 calories per day.