Leg Toning Exercises

A lot of people tend to neglect their legs at the gym: people concentrating on a fitness programme that’s aimed at either getting bigger or getting stronger, often see bigger gains in their upper body and focus on them.  If your goals are around balanced fitness and a better all around body, then leg toning exercises should definitely be a part of your routine.

leg toning exercisesWhen you’re planning a fitness routine to focus on your lower body, it’s important to include a range of different movements to ensure that you work all of the muscle groups equally and get a balanced workout.  Ideally, your leg toning exercises should work opposing muscle groups over the course of the session in order to give you a workout that delivers similar gains in all areas.

Use the following routine as a circuit, and do 5 sets in total, and concentrate heavily on getting a very smooth movement and great form throughout each repetition.  As you get more and more used to this routine, try holding weights to increase the effort, as this will really help to improve the impact of these leg toning exercises

  • 30 seconds sprinting
  • 10 x left leg lunges
  • 10 x right leg lunges
  • 10 x calf raises
  • 10 x deep squats
  • 5 x tuck jumps

When you’ve completed 5 sets of these leg toning exercises, be sure to stretch out fully to give your muscles the chance to relax after being worked hard.