Valentine’s Day – it’s all about the love

Love is good. Love keeps us happy, and happiness is healthy.

At this time of year – around Valentine’s Day – love is everywhere.  Every card shop is filled with gifts and wherever you look, you’re surrounded by hearts.

Vytalz is all about making getting healthy as simple as possible.  People who exercise on a regular basis reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle including a lower risk of heart disease.

Of course, keeping a healthy heart is essential, and shouldn’t just be something you think about once a year.  Love is the same.  Valentine’s isn’t just one day any more.  It’s a whole week of snuggles, hugs, and gifts that give you the chance to express your love for your special someone – just don’t forget to think about yourself too!

Our Valentines Day gift to you is a collection of beautiful romantic thoughts to inspire you over the next week.  You can see our Online Valentine’s Card here.

Valentine’s Day is a great reminder of how important love is in the world.  It’s also a great time to think about your own heart as well as the ones you share with others.  If you’ve not already signed up for a free fitness planner from vytalz, or tried out our online workout generator, why not do it today.  It’s free, simple, and you can start your training plan in less than a minute!

Meanwhile, if you’re not quite ready to join Vytalz social fitness, why not check out our valentines card to you.