6 Tips To keep Your Diet On Track

We’re already 2 months into 2013, so if losing weight was your biggest resolution this year, you’ll either be seeing the benefits of your dedication, or thinking about what you did wrong.

One of the biggest problems people have with any diet is the fact that in order to lose weight, you’ll generally need to eat less of everything, which means eating less of the things you like.  Keeping yourself motivated throughout a weight loss cycle can be tricky – especially at times when your weight plateaus, and you’re no longer seeing any change in your weight at your weekly weigh in.

Here’s 6 tips to help you stay motivated and keep your plan on track.

Treat yourself!

If all you do is restrict what you’re eating, you’re going to lose motivation pretty quickly.  It’s better to give yourself a little treat from time to time to keep yourself happy.  Here’s a suggestion:

Everyone likes an ice cream, and on average, a cone and one scoop is about 170 calories.  Why not take a walk to your local ice cream shop and have a cone – the weather’s getting better at the moment, so it’s a nice way to spend some time on a Saturday.  An average person burns about 85 calories for each mile walked, so a two mile round trip with an ice cream to enjoy means that your little treat will be burned off by getting it – add some ankle weights, and you’ll tone up while you walk!

Add Spice

Many diet meals skimp on flavour as much as they skimp on fat.  That’s fine but it makes dinner time boring.  Cooking a vegetable stir fry with a spicy marinade will be delicious and filling!

Add “Spice”

That dessert is tempting.  You know what else is tempting?  Nipping off to your bedroom for afters.  Make your meal times into a romantic opportunity, and carry on afterwards with some love making.  Aside from it being a great piece of exercise, it’s also fantastic as a way of satisfying your appetite – and getting closer to your other half!

Keep a Diary

It’s easy to think that the back of crisps and pack of biscuits didn’t happen, but if you get it down in black and white, it’s harder to hide from.  Keep a diary of what you eat and when.  It will be a much better conscience than your conscience.

Don’t weigh, Measure

Weight loss plateaus are completely normal as your body changes and adapts, but there’s no denying that they are a real demotivator.  One of the reasons why your weight might not be changing is because you’re building more body mass in the form of muscle.  The good news:  muscle is about 3 times as dense as fat, so even if your weight isn’t changing, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get into those new jeans.  Measure your waist, chest, and other areas, and watch as the inches drop off, even when the pounds aren’t.

And finally … Don’t Give Up!

Remember why you want to lose weight, think about how well you’ve done to get as far as you have, and talk to the people around you.  Whether you’re part of a group, or part of a family, if you’re losing weight, make sure the people around you know and support you, and ask them for help.