How Many Calories in an Easter Egg

If you’re trying to stay in shape, Easter can be one of the trickiest times of the year.  Wherever you go, you’re faced with a huge selection of chocolate eggs, and pretty much everyone ends up a little bit tempted.

There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence once in a while.  And while over-indulgence isn’t a great idea, seeing how many calories there are in an Easter Egg can be a real motivator to train harder and work off the extra calories.

Easter Egg

How many calories in an Easter Egg?

Here’s a little insight into what some of the most popular Easter treats are hiding…

Calories in a Cadburys  Medium Egg (162g)

Are you sitting comfortably?  Each medium egg contains a whopping 858.6Kcals.  That’s the same as a third of a Dominos large pizza.  It also contains 92g of sugar, and 30g of saturated fat.


Without the Smarties, a small Nestle Egg is healthier than the cadburys equivalent – although that doesn’t mean you’re not going to need to work harder afterwards.  Your 138g egg contains 731Kcal, and contains 40g of fat (11g is saturated).


A perennial favourite.  According to Cadbury’s, each creme egg is filled with delicious goo.  It also comes with 180 KCals, 3.9g of saturated fat, and 28.5g of carbs (mostly sugars)

Calories in a Kinder Surprise Egg

If you’re feeling playful, you might reach for a Kinder Surprise, which seems like a fairly safe option.  It’s a comparatively svelte 115Kcal and has 4.7g of saturated fat.

Calories in a Cadburys Mini Egg

Each Cadburys mini egg weighs around 3g, and contains 16Kcal.  Of course, you’re never going to eat just one.

How far do you Need to run to work off an Easter Egg?

You’ll probably think twice about eating chocolate eggs when you realise how far you need to run to work the extra calories off.  An average 75KG person uses around 120KCal for every mile they ran, so for the eggs above, you’d need to run the following distances:

  • Cadburys Medium Egg – 7.1 Miles
  • Nestle Smarties Egg – 6.1 Miles
  • Cadburys Creme Egg – 1.5 Miles
  • Kinder Surprise Egg – 1 Mile
  • Cadburys Mini Egg – 0.1Miles

If you want to check how far you need to go to burn off your chocolate intake, check out our running calorie calculator, or sign up for our free online workout generator, and start burning those excess calories straight away!