How to do the perfect push up

Push ups are one of the most effective body weight exercises for building strength int your arms and chest, but if you concentrate on your form, and think about how to do the perfect push up, then you will find that they actually provide a full body work-out for you,a nd give benefits to your whole core strength and posture.

How to do the perfect push up

How to do the perfect push up

How to do the perfect push up

As we said above, think first about form.  Work on technique and think about how to do the perfect push up throughout your whole work out.  You’ll find that a more efficient movement from start to finish will help you to do more repetitions, which in turn will burn more calories and give you better overall results.

Step 1: Kneel on the floor and bend forwards to put your hands on the ground.  You should start with your hands parallel and approximately shoulder wide.  This will ensure that you finish the exercise with your arms straight and vertical to maximise the range of movement.

Step 2:  Stretch out so that your body is straight. Legs should be roughly together,w ith your weigh resting primarily on your arms and balanced on your tip toes.  Your whole body should form a straight line from your shoulders down to your ankles. Hold this pose with your core muscles to ensure that they get worked out throughout the exercise.

Step 3:  As noted above, the whole point of learning how to do the perfect push up is to maximise the benefits that you get throughout your key muscle groups, so remember that all movement should be through the shoulders.  The rest of your muscles will naturally support and balance the strength development of your shoulders, chest and arms.

Step 4: Lower your body so that your arms bend just further than a right angle.  Don’t go too far down as this can hyperextend your elbows, but similarly, don’t go less than right angles, as this means that you won’t get full movement.

Step 5:  Hold the straight pose for a couple of seconds before driving back upwards with your arms.

Keep your core muscles tight, but not tense as you carry out the push up, and don’t bend your neck at all.

Here’s a video that demonstrates it really well:

Vytalz helps you concentrate on building overall strength and fitness through free body weight workouts.  Concentrating on form throughout your exercise routine will help with the benefits of every exercise that you do, and help you reach your fitness goals more quickly, as well as giving you better results and balance throughout your body.  Learning how to do the perfect push up is just one part of that process.