Staying Fit on Holiday

A week away in the sun is a welcome treat for most of us, but it can also be a time where it’s hard to keep on top of your fitness regime.  Maintaining a training plan when you’re on holiday requires a bit of creative thinking and lots of dedication.

First things first, the truth is, no matter who you are, an occasional break is OK.  Taking a week off training isn’t going to kill you, and it will give your body an opportunity to recover fully.  Rest is a good thing.  You might have to hit the gym a bit harder after your vacation to get back to previous levels if you don’t work out when you’re away, but you will get back there.

But I Want to Stay Fit on Vacation!

If you want to maintain your gains during your break there are a number of things you can do.

Resist Temptation

Holidays are a time of temptation:  the high calorie all you can east buffet, the all inclusive bar, the need to dine out for every meal…  But being honest, you’ve got great will power! That’s how you got for in the first place!  Remember that you don’t need to stack your plate high or have that cocktail.  If you’re eating from the buffet table there’s always a salad option, and when you’re ordering at the bar, there is always a soda water. 


You don’t have to sacrifice all your fun to stay fit, but you do need to be careful.


If you’re in a new place, get out and see it.  If all you see on your vacation is the hotel pool you’re missing out on the culture and sights on offer.

I’ve always enjoyed running to explore a new place, but there are two things you need to remember.  Firstly, all someone at your resort where it is safe to go, second, ensure you drink lots of water when you run.  The first point is really important.  Some holiday destinations attract criminals who see tourists as an easy target.  Get advice from a local or a member of staff at your hotel about things to see and places to explore, and where possible stick to areas where there are plenty of people about.

Running on the beach is a fantastic way of toning your butt, and burns a tonne more calories than the road or track!

Hit the Gym

Most hotels have gyms.  They’re not always as good as a dedicated venue, but they have a few advantages:  they’re generally quiet, and the equipment is usually high quality.

Most of the time you won’t need to queue for the weights or wait for someone to finish using a machine.  There will of course be busy periods during the day, but on the whole, you should find it pretty easy to find a time when the gym is available.


If your hotel has a pool, get some laps in during a quieter part of the day.  It’s hard to swim for fitness s when the pool’s crowded, but the majority of people don’t go to the pool until after 10am, and tend to leave around 5pm at most hotels, so try and get in around then if you can.

Don’t Overdo It…

Remember, you’re on vacation.  That’s not an excuse to destroy your fitness levels with to much booze, fatty food and laziness, but remember to relax, unwind, experience the local culture, and spend time with your friends or family.