How to Run 5km in 12 Weeks

Running is not only great exercise for your body, it can also be great mentally giving you the space to be alone and think things through.  Of course, to be able to benefit from the mental space running offers, you need to build up to a decent time.  If you’ve never really run before, then getting up to 30 minutes can be daunting.  But if you take your time and builds up gently, is easy to go from zero to run 5km in 12 weeks.


How many calories do you burn running

Try to fit in 3 sessions per week and you’ll find that you see benefits quickly and feel much better.

Week 1

Start off slowly with a combination of fast and slow walks.  Find a nice flat route and walk fast for 4 minutes before taking it easy for one minute.  Repeat the cycle 6 times.  That’s a half hour walk.  It should be about 2.5-3KM.

Week 2

This week we’ll add some running, but don’t get nervous, it won’t hurt.  Run gently for one minute, then ease off and walk for 4 minutes to get your breath back.  Repeat 5 times.  That’s 25 minutes.  You’ll probably cover about 2km.

Week 3

This week, we push harder, but it’s still easing you in.  Run for 1 minute like last week, then walk for 2 minutes.  Repeat this 10 times.  That’s a 30 minute workout.

Week 4

This week is all about balance.  Simply run for one minute then walk one minute.  Keep your walking peace quite high, repeat 15 times for your 30 minute session.

Week 5

This is the first week where you run more than you walk.  Run 2 minutes then walk 1 minute.  Do 10 sets for a half hour work out.

Week 6

This is the half way point, so well done for getting this far.  This week do 7 sets where you run 3 minutes and then walk 1 minute.

Week 7

Now you’re getting better.  Run 4 minutes then walk 1 minute.  You’ll soccer about 2 miles of running in total over 6 sets.

Week 8

Time to push harder.  4 sets, 6 minute run them 1 minute walk. You’ll cover about 1km in each running section.

Week 9

You’ll be feeling better at this point.  Run 3 sets of 9 minute run followed by 1 minute walk.  By now you should be running about 1500m in the run section.

Week 10

This week aim for a structure where you run 12 minutes, walk 1 minute, then run 8 minutes, walk 1 minute, then run 8 minutes.  Total 30 minutes.

Week 11

Run for 20 minutes, then walk 1 minute before running 10 minutes more.  You’re almost there.

Week 12

This is it.  Warm up, stretch, head out and run for 30 minutes.  You’ve done it.