9 Fitness Motivation Tips

Whether you’re just getting started on a new exercise regime, or want to stay focused on your plan, keeping your interest high can be a major struggle.  These 10 Fitness motivation tips should help you stay on the right track!

Get a Training Plan

Whatever your fitness goal, it’s essential to have a plan of how you’re going to get there.  A personal trainer can help you with a full diet and exercise plan to help you meet your goals, but if you don’t have access to a professional, you can always find a plan online that matches your current situation and goals.  Keeping to the plan and knowing what your goal is will help you keep on track – particularly when you’re half way there!

Set Clear Goals

If all you want to do is “get fit” or “lose weight”, it’s hard to quantify or know when you’ve achieved what you set out to do.  Setting a fixed goal – “I want to be fit enough to run a marathon in three and a half hours” or “I want to lose 10lb so I can wear this outfit” is something that you can work towards and see your progress as you follow your journey.

Be realistic – nothing will stop your motivation quicker than something that you can never achieve!

Track Your Progress

Once you’ve set a goal, track your progress.  This ties in with both your goal and your training plan. Cross off the milestones as you achieve them, and achieving your goal will seem more realistic.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Keep things fresh in the gym.  Try different routines and exercises.  They’ll help you stay focused and give your body a great break while also moving you forwards.Keeping things fresh and varied is a great way of maintaining a focus and interest. Mixing up your training is useful in building a more balanced fitness profile.

Don’t Over Train

Stick to your plan!  There’s nothing more likely to set you back on your goal than getting injured.  Know when to rest and know how hard to work!

Feel Sore or Feel Sorry

Get The Right Gear

Treat yourself to proper workout gear.  Aside from being fresh and clean, it will be more comfortable in the gym and help you feel better about yourself.

Try a Pedometer

There are tonnes of fitness wearables that range from basic through to expensive.  Fitbit are popular – you can get something like the Flex for under £50 if you shop around.  When you pair it with your phone you’ll get regular updates throughout the day about how your exercise is going, as well as having a visual reminder to stay active.

Focus on Milestones

Your training plan and goal should tell you what goals you need to achieve throughout the program.  Tick these off as you go along.  Each time you succeed a little bit more you get one step closer to your overall goal.  If you’re training for a marathon, note the distance you manage each week, if you’re aiming to lose weight, be proud as you lose each pound.

Treat Yourself

Getting fitter is about enjoyment.  You’re aiming for a better life, so don’t deny yourself every pleasure in a drudge towards your weight loss goal.  It’s OK to have a chocolate bar or a nice meal every now and then because it keeps you happy.

Something to Remember

Motivation is what gets you Started.  Habit is what keeps you going!

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