Can I exercise during my period?

There’s no harm to exercise during your period, in fact it can help reduce headaches, stress, cramps and pain linked to periods. This is because your body releases an endorphin hormone when you exercise.

During their period, each woman differs in regards to levels of discomfort, so start off slowly and build to an intensity that is right for you. Very intense core work outs and some yoga poses are not recommended, like shoulder stands and headstands. Try a brisk walk, if you are not up to the challenge of a big work out session, this will also help relieve some of the PMS.

mentrual woman holding hot water bottle against stomach

If you feel unwell and have extreme cramps, don’t force yourself as your body sometimes needs to recover, so rest.

Due to an influx of hormones, you can experience a higher pain threshold for a few days during your cycle, so maybe try lifting weights during these days. You may find it easier than usual days.

To avoid feeling sluggish and depressed during your cycle, it’s important to try and avoid too much sugar, alcohol, salty foods and caffeine. Include lots of protein, iron and calcium and remember to drink plenty of water. This will help prevent further headaches and exhaustion.

The answer’s yes, but be mindful of your body’s needs and don’t try and push beyond your limits.