Healthier 2016 – healthier you for life….

Good health isn’t about quick wins and fads, it’s needs long term lifestyle changes and commitment to improving your lifestyle rather than a quick fix short term diet. healthy-2016

There is no easy way to improve your health and fitness, it takes dedication but small and simple changes in your day to day life can help towards this.

  • Get enough sleep – lack of sleep causes your hunger related hormones to get thrown off causing you to crave sugar and carbohydrates. This causes you eat more calories.
  • Aim to eat protein with every meal, a good protein packed breakfast and then 20-30g of protein with lunch and dinner.
  • Avoid some protein bars – these can be just as unhealthy than a chocolate bar.
  • Always read labels on food items.
  • Ditch sugary drinks, studies suggest that these in fact increase your appetite. Swap these for soda water and lime/lemon instead.
  • Pre prepare snack foods for the day ahead, this will stop you picking up the wrong food whilst on the go.
  • Portion control – remember as a rule – 2 handfuls of vegetables, 1 handful of meat or protein. No more than 1 handful of fruit and 1 thumb amount of fat.
  • We should on a whole get the right vitamins from the day to day food we eat, however sometimes this is not always possible, and nutritional deficiencies can occur, so multi vitamins are recommended.
  • Your attitude needs to change. Believe you can do it and you will! No one can change you but YOU! Although a supportive family and friend network is important.
  • If you are hungry between meals, drink a glass of water, hunger can sometimes disguise itself as thirst.
  • Track what you eat on a daily basis. There are many apps available or you can just jog your details down in a notebook.
  • Exercise. Although eating healthier will impact on your weight, without exercise you will tend to hit a plateau. Working out throughout the week, will not only help you achieve your target weight, it also has the health benefits.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water not only helps with weight loss, it also improves your concentration, boosts your energy, keeps you regular and makes you exercise better.
  • Scales – don’t weigh yourself every day, your weight changes throughout the day. Choose a day of the week and stick to that day. Don’t get disheartened with the scales, it only measures weight not all the other things you have achieved or will achieve.
  • Measure your key body areas – waist- hips- chest- arms and thighs before you start. You may not always notice a change on the scales but the measurements speak for themselves.
  • Don’t cut out carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the bodies primary source of energy. We need this for fueling our bodies for exercise. Without carbohydrates your energy levels drop.