Are carbs really hurting your weight loss?

Some people seem to think so, but they’re missing the point.

You need carbohydrates to boost your energy levels and maintain your mental awareness. They also help you to work out efficiently and maintain your weight.

Carbohydrates provides your body with energy in the form of glucose, the carbs are broken down and changed into glucose. This is necessary as this supports your body to perform on a daily basis, by supplying your tissues and organs with fuel. It helps maintain your energy levels, helps to avoid weight gain and combat those sugar crashes. If your body does not get enough glucose, this can have an affected on your performance and cause you to feel physically and mentally exhausted.

There’s a fashion for people to cut out carbohydrates from their diet but the problem with this is, the body then looks to other sources, like proteins and fats. Fats are less efficient and proteins are required for other functions in the body, like providing muscles with amino acids, so this then causing an impact on the body.

According to the National Library of Medicine, your total daily calories should consist of 50-60% of carbohydrates. It is important to remember though, that this should be what is known as the complex carbohydrates, like starches and fibers. These are classed as good sources of carbohydrates.

People often think carbohydrates cause them to gain weight, the truth is, it’s down to the amount they eat rather than the carbohydrate themselves. It is about thinking wisely about what you have. Instead of taking carbs out of your diet completely, you can choose alternative carbohydrates that are more nutritional. Sugar for example, can be found in white bread, pasta and lots of cereals without you releasing it.

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