Getting a flat, sexy, and fit body/tummy is something that every woman in the world is aiming for. It is a challenging goal that many of us, not just women but men in particular, strive to achieve but ditching the exercise and healthy habit.

The endless crunches and ditching all your favourite foods are very hard to resist, right? You can attained that perfectly sculpted core and trim tummy once you incorporate small changes into your day like abdomen exercises and adding the right healthy fats to your diet. It’s pretty simple and you need to sacrifice all those unhealthy foods in your fridge from now on.

If you are looking to conquer your weight issues, here are some simple ways to have that flat stomach you are wishing for:

1. Talk while working it out

Instead of meeting your friends in a bar, restaurant or somewhere over food and drinks, you can suggest to make it a little more healthy and fit. Try working out together and be each other’s exercise buddy. You can have a weekly walk-the-talk session or you can form a friendly fitness club with your friends, officemates or your family member and go to the gym together.

2. Try cardio this time

To burn those extra fats in your belly, research and health experts confirms that aerobic exercise is the most effective in burning that deep, visceral belly fat this time. If you don’t know, aerobic training exercise can burn for up to 67 percent more calories than resistance training or a combination of the two. So don’t ditch your cardio routine, okay?

3. House cleaning is a good workout too

If you don’t know, one more reason to go after house cleaning is because it is a great abs workout as well. While you vacuum your carpet, sweeping your floor and wiping your furniture all together, it can tighten your abdominal muscles while you push back and forth while you clean.

4. Say YES to fibre-rich food and drinks

While you are working out, also you need to increase your fibre in your body to enjoy everything that you do. Start with two apples, ½ cup of pinto beans, one artichoke, or two cups of broccoli will all give you 10 grams of belly-flattening fibre.

5. Play catch with your kids or the whole family

Throwing exercise ball or a play ball can get you into crunch position. This is a good exercise routine and when you do this as many times as is, you will feel comfortable and you can try increasing the number of times you play it each week.

It is quite a challenge when you want to achieve that flat tummy. A slim, sexy stomach is something most of us covet. Unfortunately, you can’t just exercise your way to it. A lot has to do with what you put into your mouth. You need to exercise and have a healthy diet together so that you can achieve that flat belly you are wishing for.