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Which one is better for you, weight machines or free weights? Which one do you think works best for your body? This isn’t the first time these questions have been brought up by people who are into working out for the first time.

Today, we will be discussing the difference, benefits and other information about weight machines and free weights. We are going to know and learn that there is more than one way to achieve your goals.

Free Weights

Some people may think that free weights are harder to do and it does nothing to your body as well. If you are looking for a practice that can add mass and increase your overall strength and not just for the good looks, nothing can beat free weights.

It has been proven ever since and nothing has been proven to be more effective for the bodybuilder in training than doing free weights.There’s a way to train for muscle growth and a way to train for strength. But they are obviously not the same. You need to have that insider’s perspective before deciding for  yourself.

For all potential trainers that are eager to improve their health overall, you need to have a good relationship with your body and with your workout sessions. Free weights can give that kind of perspective that you are asking. There is nothing wrong with taking on challenging works. It’s a good way to build up a wider range of experience and expertise as a beginner.

When you use iron weights, they are the bread and butter of any aspiring hardcore lifter. You may be able to lift 75 pounds on a machine but when you try that very same exercise with free weights, it would be hard to lift the same weight.

The very good example of free weights is squats. This is a great example of why free weights are considered superior to machines. This is because squats are not working on your legs only but also to your lower part of your back. You work your legs in the same areas because of the motion involved, but you are flat on a board in a controlled motion.

You won’t see the same results because you aren’t working your stabilizing muscles that are such a vital part of seeing gains in the weight that you can lift. With free weights you generally need a spotter, to make sure that you can get through that set.

Weight Machines

By far, according to users and gym trainers, machines are far superior to free weights due to the fact that you don’t have a specific “zone” in which you are actually working the desired muscles you are aiming for. When you use weight machines, they utilise a cam that eliminates this “zone” that we are talking about that gives you far superior results in the end.

Machines have the ability to isolate a specific group or groups of muscle, making them ideal for physical therapy patience that only want to do one leg or arm. Since machines have a set movement there is greatly reduced risk of injury, due largely to the fact that machines force you to have perfect form.

With weight machines and free weights, both are great tools for working out. If you are a beginner or don’t have a spotter or trainer, it may be hard for you to use free weights properly. Free weights are good if you have an experience already but if you are still a beginner, machines are better for you to avoid injuries and so.

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