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Low Fat Chicken Curry Recipe

If you’re trying to lose weight, the hardest part can be living without your favourite foods.  There’s no need to compromise on flavour on a diet, but you do need to be much more careful about your choices of ingredients, … Continue reading

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5 Minute Tone Up Video

We want to bring you the best possible fitness experience, so we’re launching our new fitness video section.  Each week we’ll add a new 5 minute work out video to the blog so you can improve your fitness with a … Continue reading

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The Best Workout for a Great Butt

Let’s be honest, we judge ourselves by the way we look, and most of us are pretty self conscious about our rears.  We all want a nice pert bottom that looks good and gives us more confidence when we’re out … Continue reading

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How to do the Plank for Longer

The plank is a powerful exercise for developing core stability and strength.  A strong set of core muscles will help you in almost any other type of exercise including running and sport because it trains you to hold yourself in … Continue reading

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How much should you lift?

People have lots of different reasons for getting fit.  Some people want to be stronger, other people have specific objectives around sports or performance, others simply want to look great, while for others, the main objective is just to be … Continue reading

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How to do the perfect push up

Push ups are one of the most effective body weight exercises for building strength int your arms and chest, but if you concentrate on your form, and think about how to do the perfect push up, then you will find … Continue reading

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Special Offers on Home Fitness Equipment

For many people, working out at home provides an opportunity to build up their fitness without having to sweat it all out in a busy gym.  That can be a big thing if you’re self conscious at the beginning of … Continue reading

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How Many Calories in an Easter Egg

If you’re trying to stay in shape, Easter can be one of the trickiest times of the year.  Wherever you go, you’re faced with a huge selection of chocolate eggs, and pretty much everyone ends up a little bit tempted. … Continue reading

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6 Tips To keep Your Diet On Track

We’re already 2 months into 2013, so if losing weight was your biggest resolution this year, you’ll either be seeing the benefits of your dedication, or thinking about what you did wrong. One of the biggest problems people have with … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day – it’s all about the love

Love is good. Love keeps us happy, and happiness is healthy. At this time of year – around Valentine’s Day – love is everywhere.  Every card shop is filled with gifts and wherever you look, you’re surrounded by hearts. Vytalz … Continue reading

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